Friday, 16 January 2009

Whats a girl to do but show off her new toy. I know I know its not a kitchenaid but after having spent a great deal of time drooling over them on Amazon and elsewhere and kept thinking £330 odd is a lot of money for a mixer. I started reading some of the reviews on this little Kenwood beauty. The reviews raved about this lovely me most of the other people hankered after the Kitchenaid...after all this make is what Dualit is to toasters...(have one of those) love it. anyway where was I oh yes!! So read, studied, digested and then when I saw that this Kenwood Patissier was on offer at £97 how could I resist. It arrived 6 days later even though it said 4-6 weeks. Believe me I am very very pleased, it does everything it says on the box, looks lovely in my kitchen, so I hope we will have a lovely baking time together.

Talking of which, purchased Rachel Allens new book and it is lovely. Recently made the Date there are only me and hubby at home now, froze half. At the time didn't have enough of the light brown musqovado so substituted dark brown, must say it has made them such a rich taste which I love. Even my twin Grandchildren one year and four months old... had a taste for mid afternoon tea.....they loved it. All for now back soon.

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  1. I missed seeing this blog! (going to add it to google reader)

    I have had a kitchen-aid almost 20 years... and I love it!

    Happy you started a cooking blog... I'd like to talk more about cooking sometime on my blog...but I am no pro.... just wanted to share some cooking too!