Sunday, 15 February 2009

Dutch Apple Cake

Oh my goodness this is another must try from Rachel Allens book "Bake"...I know I must be a real yawn banging on about this superb book. But it is, when I went to purchase it from Amazon I read the reviews and lots of people had baked more than 1/2/3/4/5/ and more recipes from this apparently on average people maybe do 2 to 5 recipes from a book. Unless that is you do have a personal favourite book. But somehow this darling book ticks all the boxes.....its what I call home comfort food and well the Dutch Apple Cake surely does that. It is basically a batter on which you lay the apple slices..I used one apple but two would do it superb justice too. So I have just finished a lovely plateful of this with ice cream....scrumptious....and this is my 6th recipe with loads more still to do...they have a lovely section on savoury baking as well.

On another topic have you ever added up the total amount in monetary terms that you have bought on cooking books. Well my main books are in a shelf in my larder ....I always seem to have two or 3 out at a time..... and believe me I was really suprised at the total...I averaged about £10 per book, with others costing more and phew!!!! I have spent about £600.....but then again (and my family smile at me) well I read them...oh yes! I love it when the author/ress has written little anecdotes to go with recipes etc. My daughter cannot understand it at all but I love nothing better than curling up with a coffee and turning the pages of a cookery book and generally I tag the pages on recipes that interest me etc.

So "Whats on your shelves?". Byeee for now.....x


  1. I made theDutch Apple Cake a few weeks back and it was a big hit in my home, I served mine with hot custard. Your cake looks so yummy!

    I have nearly 200 books and I can't even imagine how much I've spent but it's money well spent and my family and friends are reaping the benefits ;o)


  2. Hi, my first visit and I just wanted to say you have a really lovely blog,I LOVE the range!! I don't have half as many books as you do have just posted about my recent additions to it on my blog today! Now to read a bit more of yours!

    Maxine x

  3. Nigella, Delia, Gary, Gordon, Hugh but to name a few! I love cookery books and kind of collect them. I *try* to make one recipe at least from each book, but I must admit I seem to fail more often than not at this. My most precious is a Gary Rhodes one, I queued up in Sainbury's to meet him and get it signed. I was so overcome, that when he wrote in it, looked at me and said 'and that's you of course', I stood there like a total muppet and went 'eh?'. Walking off I read what he'd written, it said 'to Sadie, truly scrumptious'! Crikey! Maybe it was a good thing I didn't realise at the time, I'd have blushed to my tootsies!

    your cooking looks so scrummy. I am always trying at baking but I am a bit rubbish really. My cakes turn out like bricks if I don't use Betty Crocker packets! ha ha ha! Still, I keep trying because Gorgeous Girl likes cooking. She calls it 'mockery cookery', and I have no idea why,but it seems to suit my style of cooking well! Interesting what you say about Rachel. I have thus far resisted buying any of her books, don't know why. I may have to invest :o)

    ooh, Kitchenaid, if you do ever decide to go for one, you will love it. They are pricey, but well worth it. I've got one in pink (had to!) and use it often. Gorgeous Girl calls it my cooker mixer, again, no idea where she got that from. I wanted a decent mixer to encourage her to enjoy cooking, and well, it just had to be pink as it's my favourite colour!

    Time I scooted.Just found that Oliver! is on telly, and am driving the little one mad by singing (badly) along to all the songs!
    Thanks for visiting today. I shall certainly return to see what goodies you continue to make.

    Sadie x

  4. Nigella, Jamie, Hummingbird, & my most used book is a really old Good House Keping cook book which my dad got me from a Charity shop.
    I missed my mums good house keeping book so much when they moved so he tracked me one down. I buy a lot of my cook books in cs & cb as often people get them as gifts but hate cooking so give them away. I like to thrift.
    Haven't got Rachels book but my MIL has so I will ask to borrow it as that apple cake looks delish.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  5. What a stylin' stove you have! Your post pix are so yummy I want to try everything! Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I came from Bellascounty blog. I'm gonna check out more on your blog. I hope you have blogged about your stove it's so cool!

  6. And I love your range cooker too, they are the best and such a warm and cheery colour too.
    Funny I was putting my cookery books back on their shelf after a spot of well more than a spot really. you are right, how much have I spent over the years. But I love them all, so that makes it ok I guess.