Monday, 2 February 2009

Oh my goodness I you fancy a loaf that isn't made with yeast then believe me you just have to try this one. Its made with bacon lardons and I used grated red leicester cheese instead of the cheddar which the recipe calls for. Its from Rachel Allens cookbook called "Bake". I thoroughly recommend this book it has a bit of everything and so far I have cooked 5 recipes from it.
Talk about bread baking....well one of the best investments I have made in the past (apart from my beloved Rayburn ) is a bread machine. To turn out lovely home made bread without all the extra salt, which somehow shop brought bread seems to have is wonderful. The only downside is we eat it too fast.
I made a lovely rocket and gruyere cheese flan...the 4 eggs mixed with 20 fl oz single cream and baked in parmesa pastry. This flan is supposed to feed 10 hehe!!! it fed me hubby...daughter son in law and two 16 month old toddlers....I think it was a hit.

Of course no tea would be complete without some chocolate cup cakes. These are from Nigella of course...Domestic Goddess book...mind you I do have a confession to make I curdled the chocolate and cream topping duh!...I just toke my eye off the pan for a 2nd. So with family due to arrive any time, afraid I had to resort to good ol' glace icing. The chocolate logs are shop brought and I tried one after my home bake cakes and they tasted absolutely synthetic. Oh yes the cup cakes are made with 100g dark chocolate and mixed with a jar of morello cherry jam....honestly they are heavenly. So have been busy all round lately. For now...byee


  1. Everything looks so yummy! I have a bread maker, too. When I first got it, I made so much bread that my daughter would come home and ask...What kind of bread are we having for supper tonight? lol Those desserts are sooo tempting! Thanks for sharing! ...Debbie

  2. Must look up that book. I love baking and living were we do I couldn't cope without a breadmaker . This one we have now is by far the best we have had, its a Panasonic . It always shocks me awful shop bread is when we have to buy it on the rare occassions when we are away in the motorhome .
    I made a sticky date cake and a warm lemon cake with lemon syrup yesterday, plus some marmalde (again don't like shop stuff). Just the thing to keep us warm in this weather although I am supposed to be on a diet :(

  3. oh forgot to add we too have the green Denby crockery set :)

  4. I can definitely vouch that the loaf from Bake is absolutely delish, I've made it twice now!! I swear by my bread machine, had one for years now and it definitely beats shop-bought bread.

    The tart and cupcakes look really yummy!